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Spiritual Quotient

Spiritual Quotient (SQ) and Spiritual Intelligence (SI) Are Comparatively New Fields Spiritual quotient and spiritual intelligence are not the part of scientific terminologies yet. They may become some day. Clinical definition of SI or SQ is not available. Yet, there … Continue reading

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Parental Responsibilities

Values? What Values? Value Are Really Not Too Many Human beliefs or value structure is all about conviction for the basic or fundamental truths or values. The thinking, decisions and actions of an individual are directed by the degree of … Continue reading

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Stress Management: Simple Steps

"A to H Mantra" of Stress Management Take Care of………… A….. Anxiety: No (improve capabilities by improving competencies and skills: the HSoftware: refer URLhttp://humansoftware.blogspot.com/) B….. Bottle (Alcohol): No C….. Cigarettes (Smoking): No D….. Diet (balanced diet): Yes E….. Exercise: Yes … Continue reading

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