HSoftware (Human Beliefs or Human Value Structure: First Element of HSoftware)

Human beliefs or value structure is all about conviction for the basic or fundamental truths or values. Thinking, decisions and actions of an individual are directed by the degree of conviction for the values.

I remember a small incident narrated by one of our friends from India. He and his family were the members of National Film Achieve of India (NFAI). NFAI used to screen some wonderful world-class classic films to its members every Saturday. NFAI has a very decent auditorium for screening these films. Among other terms and conditions that were agreed between the members and NFAI, one of the important agreements was the housekeeping and upkeep of this tastefully done little auditorium. As a part of it the audience was to play its role in keeping the screening hall clean and neat and therefore one of the things strictly to be followed was: no eatables were allowed in the hall and no one could eat in the hall.

Our friend told that on one Saturday he reached his home pretty late and though he was very hungry, he could not eat his evening refreshments before heading toward the NFAI auditorium. He requested his wife to pack and carry some eats that he could eat later. Then he, his wife and his little daughter rushed to see the movie. The movie had already started and it was dark inside and somehow they settled in their seats in the hall.

Our friend being very hungry could not arrest his urge to eat the things packed by his wife and he wanted to take advantage of the darkness to start eating while sitting in the hall so that no one else could notice him doing so. But to his shock, as soon as he un-wrapped the eats, a small hand reached out to him and stopped him from doing so.

His daughter whispered, “Daddy, you cannot eat inside the hall.” And he was thus saved from flouting the agreement that he had made with NFAI. His daughter’s insistence of stopping him from breaking an agreement or promise was actually an act emanating from the vital principle or basic value called “integrity”. He could keep his “integrity” intact and he felt mighty happy with himself and more so with her daughter’s integrity.

Come to think of it, the values are not really too many. They are just about 10 or 12 fundamental principles of life which have stood the test over thousands of years of human existence. Some of these are: truthfulness, kindness, respect for everyone, generosity, integrity. While being truthful in every circumstance is the principle, people interpret it severally and act accordingly. As per their convenience, they tell lies or speak truth. As for being respectful is concerned, though the fundamental principle means respecting every one, many people choose to respect the ones in authority or the rich guys or the people older than them, or only men and not women or there is race bias or religion bias or language bias. It’s true.

These days many people argue that the sure-shot way to succeed in life is by telling lies or cheating or exploiting others etc and they quote many examples of very well known and so called famous (or is it notorious?) people who have climbed the ladder of prosperity, name and fame. So, as per them, this principle of truthfulness, not cheating any one etc is all bogus, it just can’t work in the modern-day life.

We ask these people whether they would like to teach their own children to tell lies, cheat others or kill others for achieving success in life. We ask them as to why then they were wasting their children’s life by teaching them to follow a principled path? Why should not they train their children in telling lies effectively or cheating effectively from right now on? Does anyone have courage to do so? Or would any one like to do it to their own children? Then the truth dawns on these people, they feel a bit jolted and in one voice, we hear a strong “no”.

Even one of the dreaded most terrorists of the world wrote in his will that he did not wish his children to follow his footsteps.

Both the paths, the principled path and the un-principled path may get you name, fame, money and so called success but the two paths are parallel, they don’t meet anywhere. Also, un-principled path may, many times or may be most of the times, lead you to utter degradation, shame, cowardice, insomnia, stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart condition, loss of legal employment, legal courts, jail, life imprisonment and death etc.

There have been several news items on television, news papers and other media, recently and in the past, about the falsification done by many highly respected and reputed organizations and people from industry, business, politics, religion etc. Once they were caught doing that, many of the organizations had to shut their shutters forever and many so called, well placed, celebrities had to commit suicide or they died of shock of being caught doing wrong things or they were mocked openly and few of them still manage to pretend to live a high brow life.

Yet, though being hazily aware of what we have described so far, over a period of time, people start pursuing the principles or the values in their own way. They fall somewhere in the range of absolute followers to zero followers of different values. They act accordingly and get the results of their actions in line with the actions.

Principled person does not have to waste his efforts in guarding himself off the possible wrong consequences of the actions that an un-principled person is most often likely to embrace. Therefore, principled person seems lot more effective than an un-principled person.

We all know about the much talked amorous affairs of an ex-head of a state who once fell to the sexual temptation of a younger employee working in his office. And despite being married already, he succumbed to those temptations and crossed the boundaries of the principles or value structure of the married life.

Look at its disastrous outcome. Not only these two concerned persons and the spouse of the married ex-head of the state of this episode suffered lots in every possible way, subsequently the concerned nation’s parliament and the entire humanity of the world spent priceless resources on the aftermath of this utterly non value adding activity of two unprincipled persons. Unnecessarily the people of the world and that nation were made to debate and discuss and gossip and savor the titillations of the scandal and waste their enormous resources. The whole nasty thing was majorly ineffective. What was the reason? Answer: The principles were flouted. Shouldn’t we debit the entire huge expenses involved in engaging the whole world’s human and material resources to this ex-head of the state and the accomplice?

We need to narrate one more incident. It relates to a professional executive working for a large corporate company. He had developed a neat computerized system for spare parts management of the organization. His boss who was one of the top most managers of the company invited him in his office one late evening after all other employees of the office had left for their homes.

The top shot ordered coffee for this professional executive who had developed the computerized spare parts system.

After the initial small talk he said, “You may be knowing that I like to run my organization with a small team of specially chosen key executives. I have been following up your excellent work and I am now satisfied that now you can be included in the team of my key executives.”

The executive felt quite elated at this offer of the boss. He thanked him profusely.

The top boss hurriedly added, “Now that you are in the inner circle only sky will be the limit for your growth. Just keep working for me. Your next assignment will be with our latest dealership that needs some help and expertise from us for its spare parts management. I suggest that you can additionally test your spare part management software on this site. And since it will be an additional test site for your software, you need not bill this dealership for the software and the related services offered by you and your team.”

Then he concluded the meeting, once more shook hands with his subordinate executive, smiled at him and patted his back and escorted him to the door of his cabin.

After the initial impact of the thrill of being selected in the inner circle of the boss was over and the executive started to objectively review at what took place in the just concluded meeting with the boss, the executive realized the enormity of the situation. He had just been bribed by his boss to work free for the dealership that was owned by his wife and also give away the company’s proprietary superior software costing a huge sum to his boss (boss’s wife) for a song. His principle of not succumbing to any kind of bribes and not getting involved in corrupt practices would be seriously violated if he towed in line with the boss.

He could not sleep that whole night, developed severe headache and uneasiness. Next day he just could not concentrate on his work. His direct reports found his new behavior quite strange.

His effectiveness was under test with this dilemma- his own principle on one hand versus his future growth in the company that now depended on acceding to his boss’s unprincipled demands.

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