Why Should the Members of Parliament of Any Country be Paid if They Don’t Work?

“No Work, No Pay” is Followed in Every Organization for Everyone and Members of Parliament Can’t Get Scot Free if They Don’t Work

Members of Parliament (MPs) can’t be exception to the rule “no work, no pay”.

The case in point is the recent happenings in Indian parliament. Similar happenings took place even in the earlier washed out sessions over past several years.  It must be happening in other parts of the world too some time or other.

In India, almost all of its parliament’s sessions were wasted with no work done in the recent past. Why should MPs get their salaries and allowances for the days parliament did not conduct its business due to continued disruption? The parliament was totally paralysed for a number of  successive days over the issues that were the creation of the MPs of the ruling party as well as the parties in opposition.

The two houses (Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha) lost unimaginably large number of hours of work. They hardly worked at all. A huge sum of Rupees 3 to 4 crores is spent on both the houses everyday. So you can calculate the crores and crores of public money that is lost due to non-working of the MPs.

A simple worker in a factory or office does not get his salary if he does not work. Then why should the highly paid MPs at such important and responsible position be paid if they do not work?

Any sane person of a little logic will say, “Not only daily allowance but the entire salary and perquisites of such MPs should also be deducted for the days they do not work and contribute.”

Such actions alone will compel the MPs to behave and work. Such an action will certainly send a strong message across. Some wiser people will even suggest that the non-working MPs should in fact be penalized heavily for wasting public money.

However some people may argue with tongue in cheek, “Whether you pay them or don’t pay them does not matter much to them since they earn more than that from some other (?) sources. They do not solely depend on their salaries, perquisites and allowances.”

But seriously, the MPs should be paid only based on their true contribution to the society. We talk of result orientation everywhere. Start with the MPs to set an example to the rest of the citizens of the country.


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One Response to Why Should the Members of Parliament of Any Country be Paid if They Don’t Work?

  1. G S Azad says:

    I agree in toto. The way India works politically is really very depressing for an average Indian Citizen. The politicians of all hues are making merry with taxpayers’ money. The issue is how many decades of this waste has to continue!!!!!! Seems endless as the new breed of politicians are no different……

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