Professional Branding: Premises of Professional Branding

Following are the premises for taking recourse to professional branding:

  • All of us can have plenty of professional opportunities.
  • All of us can own a good share of market.
  • Each of us therefore can earn quite decently.
  • But to earn decently we need to attract people who will be willing to use our professional acumen and pay for it.
  • But for becoming capable of being sought after by our potential clients we need to stand out in this world of sameness.
  • For becoming the preferred professional of our potential clients, we need to differentiate ourselves from others by developing and projecting our expertise in a superior and appealing manner.
  • Application of our expertise (our master craftsmanship) should be designed to be capable of resulting in a unique proposition or set of unique propositions reflecting what we believe in or what we stand for and which is different and superior in the perceptions of the potential clients/users. And it should definitely fulfill their needs in a high value-adding manner.
  • Only superior expertise and its superior projection in terms of what we can do for them better than the other professionals (the promises we make to our clients) is not enough. What more is required is the superior delivery (of those promises) by using the superior expertise- not just once or twice but again and again.
  • We can then use these initial successes in consolidating our image of being superiorly different and appealing from others in terms of our knowledge, expertise and delivery.
  • We can take constant steps to create, recreate, maintain and continually boost this image in the minds of our existing clients and potential clients and create/invent systems of easy recall of us by the clients.
  • All of this will result in an  ever increasing positive spiral and we can expand our circle of influence.
  • Conversely if we do not take steps for building our professional brand, we will sail through as millions of others who do not use professional branding- the also ran types.

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