Professional Branding: Definition of Brand and Branding

What Is “Brand” in the Context of a Professional or a Person?

  • It is a specific promise or a specific set of promises.
  • You make these promises as a professional (of any field) or as an individual person.
  • You make the particular promise(s) to others. In case of a professional the promise(s) relate to his/her customers or potential customers or clients.
  • The promises signify your class identity and the kind of benefits you can deliver to others/customers.
  • These promises or what we now call as “brand” creates an image of you as a person or professional (or both) on the other people/customers you deal with.
  • If you live up to your promise(s) in each one of your dealings with your customers or the persons you come in contact with, your brand image gets strengthened in their minds. This in turn helps the word of mouth publicity about you.
  • Once your brand gets established and gets known, you become the preferred person or preferred professional in the minds of a large mass of people/customers and they believe that you alone can address their needs the best. Your positive image gets associated with some particular class of activities in their minds- the activities where you have promised and where you have lived up to your promise(s).

What Is “Branding” in the Context of a Professional or a Person?

  • Branding is a process.
  • Branding is the process of creating your brand or brand image in minds of those for whom you wish to create the intended image.
  • The process over a period of time creates sets of specific perceptions about you in the minds of others (specifically the customers or clients, in case you are a professional).
  • The process facilitates easy recall of you by your existing or potential customers/clients when they are looking out for certain benefits or solutions that you alone can give in the best possible manner.

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