Unforgivable Mistakes

Certain Mistakes Can be Costly

“To err is human”. But definitely committing mistakes at a rate at which eraser is used more than the pencil is not acceptable. And some mistakes are unforgivable. These are applicable to you as well as your subordinates whom you supervise. Therefore, you have to ensure that your employees do not fall prey to these. Some of these are:

  • Integrity and honesty: Never indulge in any activity which will cast doubts on your integrity and honesty. Stay away from frauds, mal-practices, theft of company’s materials or money, commercial bribing etc. When you are caught doing wrong, you will turn into a zero from a hero. All you know you may have to spend good part of your life behind bars.
  • Respect to others: One should never act in a manner which shows disrespect to any one at any level in the organization. No one has any right to humiliate others. Therefore, one has also to keep his cool at all times.
  • Professional relationship: One should not engage in personal relationship with some one whom one supervises. You can be friendly but never become familiar.
  • Stick to company policies: One cannot work outside the company policies when employed by a company since these are the terms of contract/employment.
  • Discipline: Indiscipline of any kind is not tolerated in any organization. So take it seriously.
  • Confidentiality and secrecy: One should not indulge in any conspiracy or industrial espionage. If caught, you will ruin your career for ever. All you know you may have to spend good part of your life behind bars.

About Shyam Bhatawdekar

35 years’ industrial/business experience as a top executive & 35 years’ parallel academic/consultancy experience in general management, behavioral sciences & technology. Areas: general management, production, human resources, industrial engineering, systems, MIS, computers, corporate planning, audit, sales/marketing. Penchant for information technology & behavioral sciences; integrated with conventional technology makes him unique thought leader. Conversant with academic theories & realities of business, fuses the two into practical approaches. Was associated with Tata Motors, Hindustan Motors, Hindustan Aeronautics & ThyssenKrupp; held top positions as highflier executive. Presently Chairman & Managing Director, Prodcons Group associating with 250 organizations; providing management & I T consultations & conducting seminars/workshops. Been a faculty for IIM’s, TMTC, Railway & HAL Staff Colleges, Symbiosis. Speaker with 35000 hours’ experience benefitting more than 100,000 people. Published 35 articles in Economic Times, Indian Management & Computers Today. Authored 27 books. Invited as key speaker in seminars by AIMA, HRD Network, NIPM, QCFI, CSI, NPC. Widely traveled. Education: Engineering & Management.
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