Soft Skill/Competency: Conviction

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Explanation of the Competency “Conviction”

  • Keeps improving his knowledge and understanding from various sources in order to decide upon his own beliefs and convictions in the important aspects of personal, professional, family and social life.
  • Based on such in-depth and ongoing studies and observations he creates a structure of values, beliefs, paradigms and view points that should guide him presently and in future.
  • Sticks to those values and beliefs unless in exceptional situation he finds that he was wrong and corrects himself in those few areas where he was wrong.
  • Reviews his day-to-day paradigms and points of views quite regularly and is willing to embrace a new paradigm with a new conviction when the paradigm shift takes place.
  • Makes his convictions known to the concerned people with reasoning and without any hesitation.
  • Based on his convictions, he is courageous to take stand on important issues fearlessly even at the cost of becoming unpopular occasionally.
  • Does not take stand on trivia.
  • Defends and supports the convictions of other people if he finds them convincing.
  • Does not waver or crumble under any internal or external pressures.
  • His actions are always in congruence with his principles and paradigms. He is interested in doing what is right.
  • Thus he is capable of providing the requisite initiative and leadership in tough times on a rainy day.
  • Is willing to take blame and responsibility in case the decisions and actions taken by him based on his convictions misfire in certain cases. He introspects such situations deeply and applies corrections if necessary.

Pitfalls to be Avoided

  • May become too rigid and not willing to change even when it is really appropriate to change.
  • May become unwilling to put forth his rationale for his principles and thus he may exude fear and animosity towards others who do not carry the same beliefs.
  • At times may consider changing stand from his convictions as a sign of moral weakness and continue to hold on to erroneous ideas.
  • May get blinded by his own thinking and not welcome new ideas and approaches and at times even scoff at them. He may become a hindrance to progress.

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