Management Games, Exercises, Energizers and Icebreakers: A to Z Review

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A to Z Review

Every workshop or seminar leader (faculty) like you sincerely wants to find out how effectively he delivered his program. You wish to know if your program participants grasped the inputs you provided them. Can they correctly answer the questions based on the contents of your program? In addition to meeting this objective it is a good practice to recap the inputs given in your program in your last session before concluding the program. This helps improve the retention of the knowledge by the participants. The best way to achieve these twin objectives is to engage the participants creatively in the review of their learnings.

Prior to actually conducting your workshop/seminar, you will need to prepare 26 questions the answers to which will result in the comprehensive review of the entire contents of your program.

Write each question on one index card. Thus you will have 26 cards with you. On other side of the card, write an English alphabet starting with “A” on the first card and going right up to “Z” on the 26th card.

After you have conducted all the sessions of your program, in your last session of recap and review, divide the participants  into groups, each group consisting of 4 to 5 participants picked up randomly.  Give each group a bell.

Now list the 26 alphabets in bold font on single sheet of a flip chart and display them. Ask groups to select any alphabet randomly.  Start with the first group first. Suppose the first group selects an alphabet say, “D”, then cross mark the alphabet “D” on the flip chart and pick out the index card “D” from the 26 cards you are holding. Read the question of this card “D” loudly and clearly.

Ask the groups to ring the bell if any of the groups know the answer to that question. The group that rings the bell the fastest will get the first opportunity to answer the question. If the group’s answer is correct, give the card to that group. If the answer is wrong, the group that rang the bell the second fastest will be given the opportunity to answer the question and so on. Finally the group answering correctly will get that card.

Second time the second group will pick up the alphabet from the flip chart randomly and the process as  described above will be executed.

Thus the groups will take turns selecting alphabets. As they select alphabet, you will cross off that alphabet from the flipchart and read the question written on the corresponding card. When a question is answered correctly, you will hand over the card to the successful group.

The game/exercise will end when all the 26 questions have been read and answered.  When none of the groups is in a position to answer the question correctly, you will provide its answer and keep that particular card with yourself.

The group that collects the maximum number of cards will be declared the winner. You may like to give a prize to the winner group. If number of groups are many then you may like to give prizes to top two or three groups.

Thanks the participants and conclude your program.

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