Effectiveness: HSoftware- The Latest Effectiveness Model

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Show us a human being who does not wish for success and happiness in his life. Yet, the desired success and happiness are very illusive; they are like mirage to a large majority of people. The reason is that most of the people fall short of the required levels of effectiveness that may lead them to achieve their life time objectives. They just don’t have the clue on what can give them the higher degrees of effectiveness. This ignorance proves very expensive. They keep struggling throughout their lives and keep consuming themselves and their resources without any satisfactory results.

So, what they should do to acquire the required effectiveness?

They should gather and assimilate the required authentic knowledge on the subject. The latest and most fundamental work in this direction is a book titled “HSoftware”. This book presents the answer to this question. It presents the “most effective model of effectiveness” called “HSoftware”. The book unravels the “HSoftware” model in a very lucid manner.

The authors explain that though each human being is unique and that uniqueness may be worthy of appreciation, yet, it does not guarantee effectiveness in each one of them. Only the acquisition of more correct and appropriate “HSoftware” and its strict practice alone can make one more effective. The book uncovers the most fundamental constituent elements of “HSoftware” in an interesting way.

Shyam Bhatawdekar is the creator of this word “HSoftware” and its associated concepts. Both the authors of this book started using this phrase “HSoftware” and its related concepts in their numerous speaking assignments, seminars and workshops since 1993 or even earlier. Subsequently they started using it in the written form through their various published articles.

And now they present this all encompassing effectiveness model “HSoftware” in the form of this book to help the entire humanity.

Our ace authors Shyam Bhatawdekar and Dr Kalpana Bhatawdekar are multifaceted personalities. They are top notch business executives, highly sought after business consultants, eminent management gurus, prolific authors, presenters par excellence and great human beings.

The book is available as eBook and also in printed format. You can avail the book online from Amazon. For more details of the book contact our email: prodcons@prodcons.com


About Shyam Bhatawdekar

35 years’ industrial/business experience as a top executive & 35 years’ parallel academic/consultancy experience in general management, behavioral sciences & technology. Areas: general management, production, human resources, industrial engineering, systems, MIS, computers, corporate planning, audit, sales/marketing. Penchant for information technology & behavioral sciences; integrated with conventional technology makes him unique thought leader. Conversant with academic theories & realities of business, fuses the two into practical approaches. Was associated with Tata Motors, Hindustan Motors, Hindustan Aeronautics & ThyssenKrupp; held top positions as highflier executive. Presently Chairman & Managing Director, Prodcons Group associating with 250 organizations; providing management & I T consultations & conducting seminars/workshops. Been a faculty for IIM’s, TMTC, Railway & HAL Staff Colleges, Symbiosis. Speaker with 35000 hours’ experience benefitting more than 100,000 people. Published 35 articles in Economic Times, Indian Management & Computers Today. Authored 27 books. Invited as key speaker in seminars by AIMA, HRD Network, NIPM, QCFI, CSI, NPC. Widely traveled. Education: Engineering & Management.
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  1. Tess says:

    I’ve been informed and I can’t become ignorant.

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