Soft Skill/Competency: Self Development

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Explanation of the Competency “Self Development”

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  • On a day to day basis, tries to introspect or examine his own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Seeks and welcomes others’ feedback on his strengths and weaknesses and examines them positively or constructively. Others can include anyone who can provide the feedback; even an enemy, neighbor or spouse 🙂 apart from the usually known people like, bosses, colleagues, direct reports, internal and external customers etc.
  • Accepts criticism (as part of feedback) from others in his own stride.
  • Looks around for information on appropriate way and means or strategies for self development.
  • Continually works to improve upon his strengths and to remove the weaknesses, particularly those weaknesses which have become or can become critical in achieving successes in professional, personal, family and social life.
  • Then looks around for opportunities and utilizes them by taking up appropriate assignments or projects to enhance his strengths and eliminate his critical weaknesses.
  • Reads, observes, refers and participates through the authentic literature and courses/workshops/seminars for enhancing knowledge and skills/competencies.
  • Continually develops his will power, value structure, knowledge and paradigms to enhance his effectiveness in professional spheres and all the walks of life. (Refer Shyam Bhatawdekar’s Model “HSoftware” for effectiveness at and/or )
  • Actively learns from his own and others’ successes and failures on an ongoing basis.
  • Sets an example for others to learn, improve, develop and grow.
  • Assists others in facilitating their self development.

Pitfall to be Avoided

  • Too much self centered.
  • Obsessed with self help development gurus, books, literature or any other gadgets.
  • Lopsided distribution of time and efforts on self improvement particularly at the cost of achieving results on important tasks on hand (which can be done with existing levels of knowledge and skills/competencies).
  • Wasting time and other resources in improving the knowledge and skills/competencies where one is already very good at currently.
  • Lopsided allotment of resources on self development rather than their appropriate utilization on the development of one’s team members.

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