Management Games, Exercises, Energizers and Icebreakers: Be Quick

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It is a very simple yet very effective management exercise or game. It is a group or participative exercise. You as a program leader or workshop facilitator can use it for your sessions on productivity, work study, method study, work measurement, business process reengineering (BPR), creativity, innovation, layout planning, team work, team building, leadership and motivation. It is also a good warm up game, an icebreaker and an energizer.

Instruct the participants that all of them form a manufacturing and selling organization. Each participant represents one department of the organization. The complete process of manufacturing and dispatching an item as desired by the customer gets completed only when that particular item passes through each and every department (i.e. the participants). Touching the item by one hand by a participant indicates that the department has completed its operation as part of the total process. The item is then passed on to the next participant (department) who also touches it by one hand signifying that he also completed the task assigned to him for that item. This way the item gets circulated from the first participant through the entire chain of participants one by one. The task is reckoned to be completed only if every participant touches the item by his one hand. Otherwise the task is thought to be incomplete.

As soon as all the participants have done their part of the activity on the item i.e. touching the item by one hand at least once and thus have completed the task properly, you will record the time taken to complete the entire task.

You can use any item (for example, a note pad) for the purpose of playing this game.

Before starting the exercise, you must tell them that they should complete the task as quickly as they can. The time taken by them to complete the task will be recorded by you and announced to them.

After the first round of the task completion, tell them the time taken by them and make a comment, “Well, that’s too much time taken by you all. Why don’t you undertake the exercise again and do it quicker to reduce the time?”

Repeat the same comment even after the second round and third round or even fourth round.

By now they would have achieved significant improvement in their timings but you must say, “I think you guys have potential to do it still better. Just think about the ways and means by which you can achieve some dramatic results.”

Let them think about news methods of doing the same task and for each method share with them the time taken by them and as recorded by you. All you know, they might come out with some brilliantly creative and innovative ways of doing the same task.

After some time when you find that they have exhausted their ideas, give them you own piece of mind on how else the task can be done with minimum efforts and minimum time.

Let them discuss the game they just played for a while and wrap it up by giving any new inputs you have planned for the session.

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