Management Games, Exercises, Energizers and Icebreakers: Flying Airplanes

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This management game is basically a fun game and acts as an icebreaker and warm-up session (energizer) of your training program, workshop or seminar. This is apt for a situation where the participants of the program are strangers to each other or know each other just slightly; they do not know each other’s names and other details. The game helps them to get introduced to each other at the beginning of the program.
You are the program leader or workshop facilitator. Give each participant a blank paper. Preferably the papers should be of different colors to make the event colorful.
Ask each participant to make an airplane out of the paper given to him. If any participant does not know how to make the paper airplane he can take assistance from his neighbor. Ask each person to write his full name in bold letters on the airplane made by him; let the participants use colored markers available in the seminar hall. Each participant should also write one of his favorite hobbies on it or any other message he wishes to write on it.
Now ask all of them to fly their airplanes throwing the airplanes made by them in the air in the hall. The participants will catch hold of one of the flying airplanes or pick it up after its landing. Then the participants keep flying the airplanes caught by them and this goes on for three to four rounds. No participant is allowed to keep his own airplane with him. So, finally each one will have someone else’s airplane with him after all the rounds of flying the airplanes are over.
Ask the participants to meet everyone in the hall, shake hands with each one and make introductions until each participant finds and meets the person whose airplane he is holding in his hand. The two now make a pair.
Each pair exchanges the introductions in detail to know each other’s organization or department, educational qualifications, schools/colleges/universities, hobbies/interests and any other relevant information.
All the participants take their seats such that the persons forming pairs sit together as a pair. Each pair is called upon by you in front of the audience and the persons in the pair give the introduction of the partner in the pair to rest of the participants and to you. You may like to read about a similar way of introductions in the management exercise titled “Innovative Introductions“.
You can thank the participants for the excellent session you had with them and proceed towards your next session.

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