Management Games, Exercises, Energizers and Icebreakers: Win as Much as You Can (Organizational Dilemma)

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This management game called “Win as Much as You Can” or “Organizational Dilemma” is highly suited for the sessions on intra-group and inter-group communication, team work, team building, win-win approach and strategies.

You as the program or workshop leader or facilitator can generate lots enthusiasm and intelligent experiential learning among the participants.
This is an exercise where two teams, viz. The CHAMPION and the HERO work it out with reference with each another. The objective is to win the game. Here the CHAMPION has a choice between one of the two strategies, A & B and likewise the HERO has a choice between X & Y.

If the CHAMPION team plays the strategy A, the HERO plays strategy X, both teams win 2 points. Combinations of strategies and the outcomes are as follows:

  • In case of A X combination, both teams win 2 points.
  • In case of A Y combination, CHAMPION loses 4 points. HERO wins 4 points.
  • In case of B X combination, HERO loses 4 points. CHAMPION wins 4 points.
  • In case of B Y combination, both teams lose 2 points.

You as the program leader should divide the participants in two teams, each team represents one department of an organization. So you have formed two departments of an organization. In order to remove any bias for any department, you may name one department as CHAMPION and the other as HERO (you may choose names different from the ones suggested here- involve the participants in naming their respective team to inject some participation and excitement) For random selection of the participants in the two groups, refer the method given in another management exercise titled “Arrange” at Ask them to choose their departmental representative or coordinator by way of an internal discussion.

During the administration of the game, you will take up the role of referee or umpire of the game.

The game is played in ten rounds. Each round is played one at a time. After each round the two groups (departments ) should give selection of their strategy on a piece of paper confidentially to you. A team (department) will have three minutes to select its strategy in each round. CHAMPION gives strategy either “A” or “B” and HERO gives strategy either “X” or “Y”. Then based on the combination of these strategies, points are earned by each department as per the rules of earning the points given earlier. Each team notes down the points earned by it in a tabular record.

After first round the next rounds are played one by one and in each round, each department selects its strategy, CHAMPION from “A” or “B” and HERO from “X” or “Y”. Each round’s score of points earned by each team is documented by them. Cumulative scores of each department are worked out by the respective department in order to compare itself with the other department and in order to decide about the strategy for the next round.

You may add some more excitement in the game by telling the two departments that in the third round and fifth round the points that they earn will be doubled. Also, in the rounds seventh and tenth, the points they earn will get squared (but minus score will remain minus after squaring it; for example, a minus 4 score will become minus 16 and not plus 16 after squaring it).

Also when you brief them at the start of the game, tell them that after the completion of third round, if they want, the departmental representative or coordinator of each department can meet each other to discuss the things they wish to discuss regarding the game. Representatives may meet for three minutes.

Also tell them that after completion of seventh round, all the members of one department can meet all the members of other department if they want, again for three minutes to discuss things. Before each meeting each department can work out the totals of points earned by them till that round.

After all the ten rounds are played, the game is over after calculating the grand totals of points earned by each department.

Request for the feedback from the participants on what went right and what went wrong in the game. If they have to play the game all over again how will they play the game? What were the learning points?

Sum it up by giving your observation and analysis and by giving them necessary additional inputs on communication, team work, team building, win-win approach and strategy selection.

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