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We started with defining “success” or “success in life” (refer: or refer: and then went on to discuss the steps one should take in order to achieve success. In previous posts we discussed the first three steps namely:

1. Effectiveness and efficiency (refer: or refer:
2. Sharpen your HSoftware (human software) (refer: or refer:
3. Paradigms and paradigm shift (Refer: or refer:
4. Goal setting (target setting) (Refer: or refer:

Next logical step to achieve success is “daily management”.

  • Important aspect in daily management is that the management should be done on a day-to-day basis. This ensures that daily jobs and daily objectives are accomplished strictly on daily basis. There is a perfect control system built into daily management which does not ordinarily allow any slip up on daily plans, activities and results.
  • Business and life in general whether personal, family or professional, we know, are now so complex and difficult, the survival of firms and individuals so hazardous in an environment increasingly unpredictable, competitive and fraught with danger, that their continued existence depends on the day-to-day mobilization of every ounce of intelligence.
  • Daily plan is the set of tasks and activities to be executed during the day as per a decided sequence on a time line.
  • Daily plan should be derived from the goal setting exercise. In order to achieve the goals, one has to perform several activities. So one has to decide which activities need to be done today so that one can finally achieve one’s goals well in time.
  • Day’s plan thus arrived at is then the basis for executing the daily tasks and activities.
  • These daily tasks/activities are slotted during the day’s available time- when to do which activity? Each activity thus decided must therefore be executed in accordance with the daily time sheet.
  • In doing so, continuous improvements will have to be effected to ensure that higher performance is achieved within the existing resources and with high productivity.
  • From time to time during the day, you must keep a track of your actual accomplishment of activities/tasks against your plan. This is the control aspect of daily management. If you do so, the slip-ups in the day will be minimum and you will easily glide towards achieving your goals or objectives.

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