Success: Sharpen Your HSoftware (Human Software)

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In my earlier post “Success in Life (” I have discussed the broader dimensions of success and then I have started jotting down the ways to achieve such a success starting with the post “Success: Effectiveness and Efficiency”.

This is the next post in the series of “how to achieve the success in life?” In this post I have emphasized that the person desirous of success must continuously improve his “Human Software (HSoftware)” (a term created by me).

So, as per “The Shyam Bhatawdekar Model of Effectiveness: HSoftware”, human effectiveness depends on following four factors:

  • Values
  • Knowledge base (rational intelligence IQ, emotional intelligence EQ and spiritual intelligence SQ- nothing to do with established religions or gods)
  • Paradigms (mindsets or thinking patterns)
  • Will power to do

These entire four factors are so very highly integrated or intertwined or interdependent with each other that one has to look at all of them together simultaneously. And at times, even improving one factor does not necessarily and always provide the right impact of improving the other though one depends on the other.

For example, some god men perform certain miracles and their followers who may be in millions feel impressed by them and believe in their godly powers. These god men themselves proclaim to possess such powers. Exactly the same miracles are performed by the well known magicians. Their objective is to just entertain the people many of whom might be the followers of these god men also. But the magician always insists that he just performs some intelligent tricks and not the miracles and the spectators look at the magic nothing but the tricks. But tell the same people to start seeing the godly acts or miracles performed by their god men as mere tricks or magic, a large majority of them not only do not accept it, they feel terribly offended. Though these people have improved their knowledge base about these magical tricks, their paradigm (mindset) towards accepting god men as performing real godly miracles remains intact. They continue to remain the followers of these god men on the basis of the miracles performed by them. Perhaps their will power to change their paradigms about the god men’s capability of performing miracles falls short somewhere. Now the will power to carry out the required change further depends on some more additional pieces of knowledge and unless they acquire that additional knowledge, the will to do or act in the right direction will not get activated fully.

So, if one has to become effective and efficient, one will have to keep on working incessantly to improve the four factors (HSoftware) mentioned above and keep changing for better.

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    That’s really thinking out of the box.

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