Importance of Seiton (Second Principle of 5S Housekeeping) in Life

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Be Tidy and Get Back Your Lost One Third of Life

Most people must be wondering as to how can one get back so many lost years of one’s life for better use. We have done some work out for you. Read:

Suppose you live for 90 years (We pray that you should live for ever. We took 90 years life span merely for ease of calculations).

Of 90 years, one uses about 8 hours per day in sleeping (and that you must do for good health). So, you spend approximately one third of your entire life in sleeping i.e. 30 years.

Left with you are: 60 years when you are awake.

Now recall your every day routine from the time you wake up till you go to sleep. It is full of one activity i.e. searching. Searching everything- searching towel, clothes, shoes, spectacles, vehicle keys, office keys, identity card, papers, data, information, files, telephone numbers and hundreds of other things.

Researches have shown that on an average, an OK (or so-so) tidy and lukewarmly (dis)organized person (not the real tidy and organized person) wastes some 30% of his available waking time in searching for all kinds of things because he cannot find things in place and takes lots of time locating and retrieving them. You will agree that a large number of people come in this category.

So 30% of available 60 years of life go phat in air without really being put to any good use (searching things is definitely not a good use of time). That’s precious some 20 years of life.

Imagine losing big 20 years of life in a non-value adding activity called searching because of not being tidy and organized.

Lesson: Get tidy. Get organized- put in action the second principle of 5S housekeeping i.e. “Seiton”- place for everything and everything in place and recover your otherwise lost 20 long years of life for doing more purposeful activities.

Good luck!!

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